Humanhood | Orbis
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‘Orbis’ is an outdoor duet that explores the relationship between humankind and Earth’s permanent natural satellite: the Moon. Performed as a contemporary ritual; revisiting the mystical place the Moon holds in the history of human culture.

Set in the round, ‘Orbis’ can be accompanied by a 360 degree surround sound score originally composed for the piece.

Immerse yourself into an outdoor spectacle that will take you beyond the realms of Planet Earth.



Choreography and performance

Rudi Cole and Julia Robert Pares

Year of creation


Commissioned by Without Wall Consortium, Brighton Festival, Norfolk&Norwich Festival, Déda. 

Supported by DanceXchange & SaNau

This piece has been presented at: 2017 _  GDIF, Brighton Festival, Norfolk&Norwich Festival, Valencia Tercera Setmana.