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Zero is a production
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ZERO is Humanhood’s first full length piece and has been researched and created over a period of one year and a half. 

Humanhood carefully engage with all the elements of a dance production bringing each of them to its fullest potential and high quality, this is why they start the collaborations with all the mixed-field artists involved from the first stages of the creation. All the elements have informed eachother, sometimes being the sound or the light the primary elements and building the movement there forth. 

This piece merges surround sound/music, intricate lights, original costume, textured set design and mesmerising movement.

For the creationg of ZERO, Rudi & Julia have worked in collaboration with a team of international acclaimed artists and scientists, including Gyda Valtysdottir (cello), Shazad Ismaily (music), Alex Forster (music), Iain Armstrong (sound design & composition), Horne Horneman (lighting desgine), Mark Howard (costume design), David Jou (Doctor in physics/thermodynamics at UAB) and Bill Chaplin (Professor at Birmingham University School of Physics and Astrophysics)

 ZERO is supported using public funding by Art Council England and commissioned by mac Birmingham. Supported by ACE Dance and Music and DanceXchange. Created in collaboration with Birmingham University School of Physics and Astrophysics.

15min extract of ZERO has won 1st Prize at Certamen Choreografico de Madrid Pasoa2.

“Information in the Universe may be communicating in an instantaneous way. Where everything is actually talking to everything instantaneously, across all scales. So when you move your little finger, everything in the universe knows you moved that finger, and adjusts for it.”
Nassim Haramein.

If we started at point zero, how would we look at reality and experience life? Two individuals dive into a sea of energy, reconnecting with identity.

A visually and sonically mesmerising performance of immersive sound, hypnotising lights and virtuosic movement where the two dancers entangle through a ritualistic journey. Experience this spiritual & tribal dance and get transported into a dream-like world of imagination and beauty.

      1st PRIZE at CERTAMEN COREOGRAFICO DE MADRID (15min extract)



 Artistic Direction, Choreography and performance

Rudi Cole and Julia Robert Pares

Original Music

Gyda Valtysdottir, Alex Forster, Shahzad Ismaily, Xhosa Cole and Azizi Cole

Sound Design, Composition and Music

Iain Armstrong

Costume Design

Mark Howard


Lou Cope

 Lighting design

Horne Horneman


Bill Chaplin and David Jou

Created in Collaboration with Birmingham University School of Physics and Astrophysics

Funded by Arts Council of England

Commissioned by mac birmingham

with the support of  DanceXChange, ACE Dance and Music,  Shawbrook, la Caldera, nunArt, el Danseu Festival