Humanhood | About Us
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About Us

‘The research behind Humanhood works resides in our curiosity for physics and human consciousness; observing and questioning the reality we live in. Humanhood is a platform for exchange, interaction & human creative interconnection.’

Humanhood works collaborativelly with local and international mixed field artists from the firsts stages of the creative process. They create immersive dance productions fusing light, costume, sound & movement, each at its highest quality.

The company has also explored multi sensorial approaches using scents and 360º surround sound installations during dance performances in theatre settings.

They collaborate with physicists to open a dialogue between scientists and artists as well as to integrate the researches and theories of science in their everyday practice. These conversations and exchanges inform the creative process of Humanhood’s productions.

Rudi and Julia are associate artists at DanceXchange in Birmingham and Déda, Derby.

Their works include Certamen Coreografico de Madrid 2014 finalist, official selection at Masdanza and Burgos-NY short duet ‘The Masks Behind Doors’, outdoor piece ‘Nomadis’, comissioned Cobosmika postgraduate piece ‘Loose Strings’. Their first full length production ‘ZERO’ premiered in October 2016 at mac Birmingham has won 1st Prize at Certamen Coreografico de Madrid 2016.


After starting a physics degree, Julia went on to study at the London Contemporary Dance School and obtained a  postgraduate certificate in Physical Theater at the Royal Holloway University. She has then worked as a performer with Jasmin Vardimon Dance Company whom which she is original cast in the company’s piece “Freedom” and toured internationally performing “Yesterday”, “7734” and “Justitia”.

She has also worked with other international artists such as Nuria Guiu, Adrienne Hart (Neon Dance), James Finnemore, Guy NaderGuido Sarli (UmmaUmmaDance), José Agudo, Vincent Montsoe, Nils Frahm, Renzo Vasquez and ACE Dance and Music.


Rudi trained and graduated from Northern School of Contemporary Dance (UK) in 2009. Professionally he has worked with Compagnie Thor (Belgium), for the creation and tour of Thierry Smits’ ’To The Ones I Love’. Also with Akram Khan Company (UK) performing in the company’s production “Vertical Road” as well as in the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics.

Rudi has also worked with Jose Agudo, Vincent Mantsoe, Shawn Parker, Erwin Wauters, ACE Dance and Music, Adam Young, Nuria Guiu, Jamaal Burkmar, Adrienne Hart (Neon Dance), Guy Nader and Guido Sarli (UmmaUmma Dance).