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We encourage each individual to push their physical body and stretch their mental application through the tools given and then apply this to their own individual practice… To dance with presence and consciousness.

Julia and Rudi understand education as a way of proposing new experiences and spreading new understandings with continuous feedback and evolving applications.

Humanhood Practice involves continous & extensive sequences of grounding loops, shaking and bouncing, allowing for high states of concentration & focus from participants. Playing with the power of rhythms, group dynamics, sonic journeys & inner exploration. Giving time to develop anatomical awareness and movement efficiency to play with energy within the body’s atomic level while keeping a centred inner mind state. At the end of the sessions, sequences of the movement repertoire of the company are shared as a complete & complex application of Humanhood practice.

Rudi and Julia share Humanhood Practice around Europe and beyond, to undergraduates at Conservatoires & professionals throught intensives & short residencies. For information about upcoming workshops check the Facebook link at the bottom of the page.


Partner-work Workshops

Focusing on developing improvisation skills, contact work and creating original movement material from a given stimulus. These workshops are primarily directed towards dance students from BTEC and A-Level programmes up to postgraduate and professional dancers, but can also be adapted to suit other groups. Mainly focusing on questioning the relationship between the visual aesthetic and the physical experience of the participants movement as well as developing critical observation.

Choreography Comissions

HumanHood choreograph performance works for extended programs, companies and schools alike. This can be over a short-term intensive period or as part of a longer-term project. The main focus during the commission is to give participants an experience of Humanhood creative practice, movement quality & choreographic application. Please check the following link for a trailer of ‘Loose Strings’ commissioned by SEED Cobosmika:

For information and prices regarding our choreographic commissions, please contact us at

Participants say…

“The work of Rudi and Julia is very complete, interesting and human. They propose a wide variety  of tools with many different energies. I liked the sincerity of their proposals that allow me to connect with myself and to find the source of movement within my body and mind in a natural, almost primitive way. Their work make one question the relationship with the body as well as the transition from individual to group energy. “
Camille Guillaume.- postgraduate student from Cobosmika SEEDs

“I was directly seduced by the way Rudi and Julia transmit their work. They allow dancers to approach  movement from a fluid and amplified quality, using their own musicality and rhythm. The class allow the dancer to centre on himself and at the same time create a real group connexion. Rudi and Julia are inspiring people, dancers and teachers both in their dance, generosity and humanity.”

Ines Massoni.- professional dancer